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News: 02/05/2015

Two Million Visitors for Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola’s Works of Art

Two Million Visitors for Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola’s Works of Art

Two Million Visitors for Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola’s Works of Art

News/press release

Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola generated ten large-scale environmental light art pieces all around the world last year. There was an impressive amount of people, two million, visiting his light art locations and, in addition, masses of people reached the works of art via media. In Finland only, almost hundred newspaper articles and news releases covered Kola’s artworks.

Kari Kola's International year of light statistics

— Last year we celebrated the international Year of Light and this theme was ignited by my piece Light Is Here at Unesco Headquarters in Paris in January, 2015. The year for me was very meaningful and eventful. I got to create great pieces of art all over Europe and most of all, I got a chance to test my limits in the field of light art. Art made of light is fascinating, exhilarating, easy to approach and enjoy. The proof for that is found, for instance, from the increasing numbers of visitors in light festivals, both here in Finland and abroad, summarizes Kola his Year of Light.

Kari Kola Accompanies Authors in Publication on International Year of Light

There have been thousands of different events that have given information, thrill and new insights to millions of people during the Year of Light. These experiences, perspectives and new studies have been transcribed into a publication called Inspired by Light — Reflections from the International Year of Light 2015. Consisting of nearly 150 pages, the book reflects the main themes on the Year of Light and studies light in many ways: the book comprises 56 articles, written by people from various fields of life and from 24 countries. Light Artist Kari Kola composed an article called “The Dream on Illuminating” for the book. —This publication consists of articles from noted scholars, scientists, researchers and many people recognized with a Nobel Prize, so I’m definitely priviledged to take part in this book and proud to represent the field of light art, says Kari Kola.