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Light Is Here

Paris / France

Kari Kola Pula

Light Is Here 2015, Opening Ceremony of International Year of Light, Paris Unesco HQ

”Light Is Here”, my installation for the opening ceremony of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies is the top point of my career so far. The Opening Ceremony was attended by more than 1500 people, including diplomats, scientists, CEOs and leaders of the industry from around the globe.

The installation deals with light in multiple ways, creating a visually enchanting appearance for the Unesco Fontenoy building. Living in the North and the unique nature here have always affected my artistic work. That is why also ”Light Is Here” reflects the most powerful elements of natural light: the Aurora Borealis and the sunrise.

I used more than 200 hi-power LEDs, 12 big videoprojectors (video content by Nuno Maya) and hazers. I also composed the artwork soundscape and produced this project. I did allso production on this project.

Kari Kola Pula Kari Kola Pula Kari Kola Pula Kari Kola Pula Kari Kola Pula