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News: 09/02/2018

Finnish Light Art Displayed on CidneOn International Light Festival in Brescia, Italy

Finnish Light Art Displayed on CidneOn International Light Festival in Brescia, Italy

News / press release

Light Artist Kari Kola from Joensuu, Finland, takes part in the CidneOn International Light Festival with two pieces of light art. The first piece, Nordic Butterfly, is shaped together with a Painter Katja Kouvolainen and a Scenographer Samuli Halla. This decorative and impressive artwork, comprised of five large butterflies, produces the first flutter of butterflies that will evolve and expand in the future by these three artists.
The inspiration for the artwork comes from Finnish butterflies, which are represented in the artwork by our national butterfly Celastrina argiolus, Aglais urticae, Aglais io, Papilio machaon, and the rarely seen vagabond of the Finnish nature, Acherontia atropos. —Biodiversity has dropped down globally by nearly 30 per cent since the year 1970. This means that there are less animal species and that their living areas are more sparsely populated than earlier. The world is losing a lot of beauty and we wish to highlight this with our piece, says the Artistic Designer of the piece, Samuli Halla.

Light Artist Kari Kola’s second piece of art is called Blue & White and it will be portrayed on the outer walls of the old Brescia Castle. —This dynamic piece glowing in a variety of shades of blue creates a discourse with the sturdy walls of the castle, says Kola on his piece.

CidneOn International Light festival

CidneOn International Light Festival is arranged for the second time and the theme of the festival this year is the study of nature and architecture in the fascinating environment of the Brescia Castle. The festival, arranged within the walls of the old castle, involves artists from all over the world who create 19 different pieces of light art. The festival starts on 10th February and ends on 17th February, 2018.

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