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News: 08/11/2017

Light Artist Kari Kola Generates Exceptional Piece of Light Art at Philips Villa in Eindhoven Glow Light Festival 2017

Light Artist Kari Kola Generates Exceptional Piece of Light Art in Eindhoven Glow Light Festival

Light Artist Kari Kola Generates Exceptional Piece of Light Art at Philips Villa in Eindhoven Glow Light Festival 2017

News / press release

Light Artist Kari Kola participates Glow Light Festival in the Netherlands with two pieces of light art in cooperation with other artists. Installation titled Submerged is created in cooperation with an American Light Artist Annie Mitchell and a Dutch Sound Designer Philip Ross. The theme of the piece is water and it’s built in the setting of a historically significant river that flows through Eindhoven, the Dommel: the surrounding nature by the river and the walls of the Van Abbe Museum are brought to life by underwater optic fibres and reflections of the water. 
 —With this piece, we wish to highlight the historical significance of the river and build strong contrasts to the interfaces of nature and modern architecture. Van Abbe Museum becomes a part of the flowing river through the reflections of the water. Live, underwater soundscape and optic fibres transform the river into a multi-dimensional, living entity, says Kari Kola on the piece created with Annie Mitchell and Philip Ross.

Kari Kola’s second installation, Story of Light, tells a tale of inventions and the history of light. We go back in time to the moment when natural light was the only light that existed, from there to the time of the inventions and the beginning of a historical timeline and finally, into the future. These elements map out a storyline based on a variety of technologies: LED walls, patchworks based on LED light, PANI projections and landscapes of composed sound. The soundscape is composed by Ilmari Tiitinen and the video design is generated by Tiia Pulkkinen.

Story of Light is created for GLOW 2017 and specifically for the Philips Villa site. Kari Kola combines many aspects of light in this storyline, because light has an effect on us all. 
—We were once starved of light and now we are starved of darkness. We need them both, says Kola. 
—The installations Submerged and Story of Light are both structurally and technically very different from my last year’s Magical Garden installation in Glow Festival. I always want to try out something new and I wish to develop my own expertise with different techniques and lighting equipment. I think the cooperation with Annie Mitchell is fascinating and I’m looking forward to concretely realize our piece, says Kari Kola on their artwork.

Glow Eindhoven: 11 November - 18 November, 2017
The theme of GLOW Eindhoven 2017 is 'The Source', referring to the source of light. Eindhoven has been a source of light for the whole world since the founding of the match factory in 1870 and the light bulb factory Philips 1891.

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