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News: 01/01/2016

Light Artist Kari Kola Plays with Light in Lux Helsinki Light Festival

Light Artist Kari Kola Plays with Light in Lux Helsinki Light Festival

Light Artist Kari Kola Plays with Light in Lux Helsinki Light Festival

News/press release

Light Festival Lux Helsinki launches Light Artist Kari Kola’s new year from 6th to 10th of January, 2016. Kola generates light art in the Old Church park on Bulevardi Street in Helsinki — the piece, Color Park, invites people to play with light.

In Color Park the audience can switch the color of the illuminated details of the artwork through several interactive movement and distance sensors. Kola urges the viewers to play with his art: — You can step under a coloured light and your presence will tone the vault next to the Old Church. Ask your friend to come along and you can mix the colors together, explains Kola on his piece. — Or try painting with your hand! Colors react to the sound frequency of the theremin, an instrument invented nearly a hundred years ago. The changes in the sound frequency changes the frequency of light, in other words, the color of light, hints Kola on his new experiment.

Kola’s signature shows in strong colors that play the main role in the artwork. This results in tranquil, nearly a meditative vibe in the park in which the viewers can focus on experiencing and exploring light. The visuality of the artwork is supported by multi-channel soundscape. Color Park will be one of Kola’s largest pieces of light art in Finland.

Lux Helsinki 2016 Light Festival Lux Helsinki offers inspiring light art and carnival atmosphere on the darkest season of the year from Wednesday to Sunday 6th — 10th January, 2016. The most fascinating artists from Finland, France, Belgium and Canada create artworks in Helsinki city center. All pieces of light art are exhibited daily at dusk during 5 p.m. — 10 p.m. Lux Helsinki, which is arranged for the eight time, is suitable for all ages and the festival admission is free of charge. Altogether Helsinki has arranged light events already 21 years.