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News: 21/10/2015

Massive 3-piece Work of Light Art in Kuusankoski

Massive 3-piece Work of Light Art in Kuusankoski

Massive 3-piece Work of Light Art in Kuusankoski

News/press release

Light Artist Kari Kola will execute an ensemble of light art HISTORIA (History) in Kuusankoski park area by the Kymijoki river to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kuusankoski House. The work of art will focus on three locations: Kuusankoski House, the four concrete high-voltage powerline masts and Kymijoki river bank area. Through this ensemble of light art, each of the locations will mirror different eras and underline some essential parts in the history of Kuusankoski.

The lighting of Kuusankoski House symbolizes the diverse cultural contents and the more modern era of the area. The House will be lit with dynamic and strong colors and patterns which will vivify the serene walls of the building. The 70-year-old high-voltage powerline masts will be illuminated by slowly changing “electrical” colors. The skyscraping masts of light will reflect the industrial history of Kuusankoski and that of concrete construction. The thousands of years old Kymijoki river bank and the surrounding nature will be lit with warm color tones. There will also be a soundscape by the river so that everyone can ease off and enjoy the light art entity.

– One of my favorite themes is to combine nature and man-made constructions with light. Modern architecture meets nature’s own architecture in an interesting way in Kuusankoski. The settlement has been built by the river and in many ways the residents have been dependent on this water. That’s why I want to entwine the river into this ensemble and through it, narrate the ancient history of the area, says Light Artist Kari Kola on his piece of art.

HISTORIA light art ensemble can be experienced during 29th Oct – 1st Nov, 2015.

Kari Kola, Light Artist