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Luminous Finland 100


Kari Kola Participates Finland 100 Jubilee Program

Luminous Finland 100

Luminous Finland 100 light art ensemble comprises six massive pieces of light art that will be exhibited all around Finland during this jubilee year of Finnish independence. Familiar Finnish landmarks, natural diversity and some historical sites are highlighted by light art in an unprecedented way. Luminous Finland 100 is a part of the official jubilee programme of Finnish independence and it is the biggest one of the art concepts. The main sponsor for the light art ensemble is the Prime Minister’s Office in Finland.

Luminous Finland 100 is a unique set of light artworks that has never been seen before in Finland nor elsewhere. The artwork for the Jubilee Year Opening Ceremony in Töölönlahti Bay of Helsinki on 31st December 2016 launched the light art series. Luminous Finland 100 ensemble will culminate around the Finnish Independence Day jubilee week, 28th November - 6th December, 2017, when the pieces of light art series are lit one-by-one in Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, Näsinneula Observation Tower in Tampere, Kuusisaari Isle in Oulu, Saana Fell in Kilpisjärvi, and Turku Castle in Turku.

Luminous Finland 100 map

31st Dec, 2016-1st Jan, 2017 Opening Ceremony, Töölönlahti Bay, Helsinki
28th-29th Nov, 2017 Savonlinna, Olavinlinna Castle
30th Nov-1st Dec, 2017 Tampere, Näsinneula Observation Tower
2nd-3rd Dec, 2017 Oulu, Kuusisaari Isle
4th-5th Dec, 2017 Kilpisjärvi, Saana Fell
5th-6th Dec, 2017 Turku, Turku Castle

Luminous 100 opening