Lough Na Fooey, Connemara, Galway County
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Savage Beauty

Lough Na Fooey, Connemara, Galway County

Kari Kola's artwork Savage Beauty turns Connemara Mountains emerald and blue


For Galway 2020, Finnish Light Artist Kari Kola and his team turn their attention to the extraordinary beauty of mountains next to the Lough Na Fuaiche. Kari will create one of the largest illuminated artworks, using the extraordinary beauty of the Connemara mountains as the perfect backdrop. In a massive illumination, Kola Kola makes a light roof over the whole valley and will use green and blue to make one big art piece next to the Lough Na Fuaiche. 


The work, entitled Savage Beauty, will light the mountains from 14–17 March 2020, coinciding with St Patrick’s Day on 17 March. Savage Beauty by Kari Kola commissioned by Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Light Artist Kari Kola and light technician Onni Tahvanainen exploring the Connemara mountains on last November.

Exploring the Galway 2020 theme of landscape, Kari brings the newest technology to highlight one of Ireland’s most iconic locations. 

Kari says: ”We will play with scale and stillness in Connemara. The light from the installation will be seen from 50 kilometres away, at least. This is out of the normal scale; people won’t expect it, says Kari. To celebrate the Galway European Capital of Culture, I want to create something that all Irish people will remember for the rest of their lives! The idea is to make a very large and unique landscape installation for four days. This work will underline the beautiful nature of Ireland using light art on an unseen scale. The lighted surface will be around 6,000,000 m2, so in terms of a lighted area, this is probably the largest installation ever created, says Kari.

About Galway 2020 

Galway is European Capital of Culture in 2020. As one of the largest cultural events in the world the programme comprises over 1,900 events across 154 projects with local national, European and international artists and cultural organisations. From Galway and Ireland’s own such as Druid Theatre Company and Galway International Arts Festival to well-known international guests such as Margaret Atwood, Kari Kola and Tobias Hutzler Galway 2020 promises to deliver a year of thrilling, life-enhancing experiences through culture and the arts. From theatre, music and sport, to poetry, film, visual art and much more.  The ambitious programme takes place across the villages, towns, islands and the city of Galway, and in recognition of Ireland’s historic traditions, is based around the four fire seasons of Ireland’s ancient Celtic calendar; Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa and Samhain.