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News: 3/2/2016

Light Artist Kari Kola Lights up Largest Winter Games Event in Greenland

Nuuk, Greenland

Light Artist Kari Kola Lights up Largest Winter Games Event in Greenland’s History

News/press release

Light Artist Kari Kola illuminates the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies of the Arctic Winter Games 2016 in Nuuk, Greenland. The Opening Ceremony will take place on the 6th March, 2016 and the theme for the glamorous 2-hour program is ”Our Home – Your Home”. The show emphasizes communality, curiosity and courage. — I’m very pleased to take part in this cultural event directed to the youth. I’m priviledged to be able to learn and experience new things and share my expertise. Arctic areas and indigenous peoples have always fascinated me and Greenland as a place is a new one for me, says Kari Kola.

This Winter Games event in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, presents 15 different sports competitions during six days. Cross country skiing, badminton, biathlon snowshoe, Dene games, such as Pole Push, and Arctic sports, such as One-Foot High Kick competition, among other sports, offer exciting moments for everyone. There are almost 3500 people involved in the Winter Games event: athletes, officials, sponsors, and volunteers for workshops and cultural events from all around Arctic regions gather in Nuuk to participate the games.

The Closing Ceremony for the Arctic Winter Games is set for 11th March, 2016.

Arctic Winter Games — AWG 2016

“The Arctic Winter Games is a high profile circumpolar sport competition for northern and Arctic athletes. The Games provide an opportunity to strengthen sport development in the participants’ jurisdictions, to promote the benefits of sport, to build partnerships, and to promote culture and values. The Games celebrate sport, social exchange and cultures. The Games provide an opportunity for the developing athlete to compete in friendly competition while sharing cultural values from northern regions around the world.”

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